The underground laboratories provide opportunities for education in several areas. For instance, you will find an environment that provides a unique understanding of geological conditions and processes, and is suitable for courses in rock engineering or natural sciences.

A wide range of educational projects can be conducted in underground facilities. Projects can include special training, safety education, and science and technological development programmes.

For example, the annual international training course in geological storage is conducted at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. The course involves almost 50 students from 15 different countries.

The training course is called “Elements of the Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle” and includes:

Education of masters students in different aspects of the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle and geological storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Extensive use of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, the Canister laboratory and other facilities in Oskarshamn for educational purposes.

Establishing cooperation between industry, academia and the municipality.

Building international cooperation and international promotion of Oskarshamn facilities and their research and educational potential.

Practical training in mine

Another good example of practical training for students and scientists is the Reiche Zeche research and education mine. The underground environment of the mine is perfectly suited for this, and has been used for educational purposes for more than 50 years.

They offer training/courses on:

Drilling, blasting, rock bolting, and transportation

Mine ventilation and radiation measurements

Mine surveying such as shaft plumbing

Ore/rock sampling and mineralogy

Geophysical exploration in the underground environment

Mine rescue

Mine rescue exercises are carried out together with companies from the region, the Freiberg fire brigade, and the mine rescue team of the Reiche Zeche. Courses are also offered to students. The mine and the institute also support the student mine rescue team, which not only uses the mine for training, but also participates in international competitions with other student mine rescue teams.

Reiche Zeche also offers tours for school classes to introduce geosciences and mining in an underground environment.


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