Events and business on underground theme

Product development, data centres, training sessions and sports events – the underground laboratories can offer an exciting place for a wide range of events and business with an underground theme.

Test galleries

Test galleries for experimenting with products and services are only one of many activities that could be arranged in an underground laboratory.

Here are some examples of activities, events or business that can be located in an underground facility:

Business meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences

Musical concerts and theatre performances

Training sessions

Thematic events such as weddings, product marketing events, and underground nightclub parties

Daily/evening/night educational tours to explore all activities of the underground facility

Thematic activities such as underground hikes, orientation, paintball competitions, and shooting ranges

Sports events such as ice-skating

The underground laboratories can also serve as fertile soil for a wide range of different business activities.

Business sites

Underground facilities, usually former mines, contain many vacant areas that can be transformed into business sites where testing and production is possible. Underground infrastructures have unique features such as stable temperatures, stable moisture content and safe locations.

As an example, below is a list of business activities that either have already occurred or are planned:

Particle and nuclear physics experiments and equipment development

Experiments and new technology development in geosciences

Implementing new technologies in microbiology

Mining or tunnelling equipment tests and product development

Digitalization of products and services, including autonomous machinery development, “virtual twin” design, sensor and VR/AR applications

Energy storage using pumped hydro energy

Use of geo-energy for heating terrestrial households and businesses

Aero-and hydroponic farming, mushroom production, or storing food or beverages

Establishment of data centres


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