Research and technical development

The underground laboratories in the EUL network welcome projects in several fields of activity. Research and technical development are fields with great project opportunities.

Underground spaces are well-suited for many research and technical development purposes. For example, at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, the underground laboratory was opened up to external users such as universities and companies. This was facilitated through cooperation between industry, academia, and the municipality. A total of about 150 researchers were involved in 60 research and development projects over a period of almost 10 years.

This research and development platform focused on the following:

Geotechnology projects used in infrastructure projects such as for underground construction of tunnels.

Geothermal research projects for developing energy production from deep (1-7 km) boreholes.

Environmental projects with a broad geosphere (land, bedrock and sea) focus.

Materials studies concerning corrosion effects in underground constructions as weel as developing applications for friction stir welding.

Education projects aiming at informing about the unique technology and know-how of nuclear technology to academia and decision-makers.


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