Implementing an underground project

We have much experience within the EUL network in carrying out research and innovation projects in underground environments. We want to share this experience to facilitate the realization of new underground projects.

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Here is some general information that can be useful when starting a project in an underground laboratory. Of course, every project is unique; when you contact the EUL or one of the underground laboratories, you will get specific information supporting the execution of your project.

What do you want to do?

Try the decision tree-based system used for quality assessment and analysis to evaluate R&D projects in the EUL network.

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Process flow for an underground project

New project proposals are handled by following well-established and specific procedures for underground laboratories. This will assure that all projects are carried out both safely and efficiently.

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What to consider when working underground

Working in underground excavations is associated with an increased level of risk. It is essential that everyone follows the safety routines in an underground facility.

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Improving safety routines

Several projects are being carried out to evaluate and improve safety in underground environments. For example, one part of the EU project BSUIN is aimed at risk assessment.

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