Hagerbach Test Gallery


For more than 50 years, Hagerbach Test Gallery has extended its unique underground infrastructures to realize innovative projects offering ideal conditions for research and education. Besides an accredited material testing laboratory, new concepts and prototypes making smart use of underground space are brought forward.

The Hagerbach Test Gallery (german: VersuchsStollen Hagerbach VSH) was founded in 1970 by mining engineer Rudolf Amberg as a R&D facility for tunnel construction located in Flums, Switzerland. In the last 50 years, the facility served as an ideal environment for R&D and innovation work as well as training and education camp for construction works and materials, tunneling and mining, health and safety.

Besides this, the company runs its own restaurant with various seminar rooms and spaces for events, but also its own accredited material testing laboratory underground and various sites, cavities underground for experiments of new concepts and prototypes regarding a smart use of underground spaces.


Hagerbach Test Gallery


Geographical location

47°04'34.7"North / 9°23'21.3" East

Contact person

Michael Kompatscher


Site Characteristics

The total tunnel length is 5.5 km and is constantly extended, adapted according to the client needs.
The test field is dominated by two major rock types of different nature:
• Siliceous limestone: 200 – 300 MPa (2'000 – 3'000 kg/cm2) – hard rock, comparable hardness as granite.
• Clay slate: 30 – 60 MPa (300 – 600 kg/cm2), soft rock, brittle, slope

Facilities, Special Services and Expertise

The Hagerbach Test Gallery is divided into the following business areas:

- Innovation & training
Theory, models, simulations and laboratory results are investigated and/or tested experimentally under realistic 1:1 applied conditions. In the Tunnel Digitalizaton Center the digital and real world are linked to each other.

- Building material testing laboratory
Our underground laboratory provides different types of testing such as
• rock and aggregates
• fresh and hardened concrete
• mineral and recycling based building materials
• on-site inspections, e.g. concrete, structural integrity
• fire resistance testing
• consulting for production and quality control.

Gastronomy & Events

The Hagerbach Gallery is a unique event location with a restaurant inside the mountain. Thanks to the large variety of different rooms, it is always possible to find the most suitable location to meet expectations and to make sure, that each event can unfold to its full potential.

3D visualizaiton of the facility


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