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We use a decision tree-based system to evaluate R&D projects in the EUL network for quality assessment and analysis. The research areas, possible test site selection criteria, as well as requirements for technical and logistical support are evaluated.

Information about the project is collected to analyse possible needs which are not covered by EUL partners and the underground laboratories. This can identify factors which support or hinder the R&D projects in underground laboratories. The decision tree-based system will be adapted continuously to expand the information basis on all issues related to the use of underground laboratories. Thus, the functionality of the underground laboratories will improve.

The decision tree allows users of the underground laboratories in the EUL network to check their R&D projects for possible problems and correct them. The decision tree-based system includes a memory function that is used to analyse the R&D projects in terms of “what went well or wrong”. The analysis will improve the database and update it with new factors that influence the innovation process.

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